Google Analytics

The Google Analytics integration is performed server-side and is compatible with both Classic and Universal Analytics. Only one Google Analytics tracking code can be used per website, and the tracking code must be pre-configured in the Fone Dynamics system (usually pre-configured during provisioning by inspection of the website network requests).

If you have changed your Analytics ID and need to update this or you wish to check what Analytics ID is linked to your site/project, please call Fone Dynamics on 1300 556 555.


The integration sends real-time events into Google Analytics at the end of each phone call. The events are linked to each visitor's session and hence report correctly across the Google Analytics platform.

The common properties of each event that appears in Google Analytics are:

  • Event Category: Call Tracking
  • Event Action: Phone Call
  • Event Label: (a string of name/value pairs describing attributes of the call)

Recommended Configuration

It is recommended that at least one goal is configured in Google Analytics. The goal should be an event based goal filtering on the Event Category and Event Action as described above.

How to Track Calls in Google Analytics

Step 1

Log into your Google Analytics account and click  Admin at the bottom left hand side of the page.

Step 2

Three columns will appear. In the far right column click on  Goals.

Then click  + New Goal button.

Step 3

There are many different types of goals you can set up. For call tracking you will need to select  Custom and click Continue.

Step 4

Name your goal  Phone Call and set the type to Event. Click Continue.

Step 5

Set the Category to  Equals to and type Call Tracking in the text box. Save the goal and it will start recording data straight away.

NOTE: Category is case sensitive and must not be changed or the process will fail.

Step 6 (Optional)

If you wish to split out the goals you can do this by specifying a label as per below:

NOTE:  Note that the Fone Dynamics Team will need to make changes to your numbers/groups you wish to separate prior to you specifying a label, a tracking script update might also be required, to do this please email or call us on 1300 556 555.

How to Report Using Goals

Once you have set up your call tracking goal you will need to be able to view the corresponding data.

Step 1

Click on  Conversions on the left hand side, then select, Goals, then select Overview.

Step 2

Select the date range you wish to report on via the date selector in the top right of the page.

Step 3

To view only data from your Phone Call Goal select the goal from the drop down menu under  Goal Options.

You will now only be shown data relating to your phone calls. You will be shown the number of calls, what web page the customer was on when they called and how the customer got to your website (organic, AdWords etc.).