Using Conversion Tracking in DoubleClick

DoubleClick integration sends custom goal conversions into DoubleClick against the respective ad click.

DoubleClick integration must be enabled by Fone Dynamics. Please send an email requesting DoubleClick to be enabled through to

When enabled, to finalise the setup you must click on Enable DoubleClick in the Fone Dynamics reporting platform and authenticate with Google using an account with full permission to the DoubleClick account. This will provide Fone Dynamics with permission to send call data to your DoubleClick account (via OAuth2 authentication).


Step 1

Log in to our reporting platform and click Activate DoubleClick on the home tab.

Activate DoubleClick

Step 2

Authorise us by logging in with the Google account that is linked to your DoubleClick account. Once this is activated, you will be returned to the reporting portal

Once once completed, you will need to create a Floodlight Activity in DoubleClick.

Step 3

Create a Floodlight Activity Group and use the below details:

  1. Name: Offline Conversions
  2. Tag: offline1
  3. Type: Action

Step 4

Under this new floodlight activity group, create a new flood activity, with:

  1. Name: Phone Call

You can then use this Floodlight Activity Group throughout the reports.