Integrating your data is important if you wish to get the most value out of not only your phone calls but also other systems you use as well, integrating data can save staff time, provide additional analytics, add functionality and more. 

With our new integrations page, setting up new integrations and viewing or changing settings is easy, once in the platform, navigate to 'Integrations (New)', these are where our newly developed integrations suite live, old integrations are still available under 'Integrations (Old)' should you need to disable them.

NOTE: Integrations suite is available per project only at this stage, this means that integrations have to be viewed one project at a time.

Clicking on the integrations section for the first time will show you the welcome page, you will need to start by adding an integration or setting up some connections, remember that every project is unique meaning if you have multiple projects this may mean you need to do this step for each project.

When viewing the integrations templates you will be given a list of integrations to pick from, if an integration you want isn't there just let us know and we can look at scoping and creating this integration for you.

For the majority of the integrations all you need to do is click on an integration and follow the steps, for most integrations there is generally two steps:

1. Connect your applications.

2. Settings or a setup step.

Connecting applications will require you to connect and input your account API credentials (if not done before) as well as connecting a third party application if required (either API or other oAuth authentication). Once the applications are successfully connected you can proceed to the next step. If you don't know your account API details please reach out to us and we can assist.

A settings page will be different dependent on the project you pick, if there is not the settings you want or if you want more settings please let us know and we can add this into the template.

A help desk link is available for each integration, if for some reason instructions are missing or inaccessible please let us know.

Once an integration has been added it will show up in the list of integrations, you can change the settings for these integrations at any time by clicking on them and clicking 'Settings'.

Most integrations will be setup either on a schedule or when triggered by an action e.g. a webhook event, check the specific integration article for more information. Any running integrations will display on the homepage, you can also see finished integrations as well as any integrations which have failed on this page as well.