Our Hubspot integration works using the Hubspot API for now we only have one integration but may look to add others in the future. The one we have now is the 'Calls to Contacts' in integration which uses the Hubspot API as well as call data to create contacts, more information on the Hubspot API call can be found here:



How it works

On first run of the integration, we will get all contact data from your Hubspot account and store it against the property in the back-end. Every 15 minutes we will create/update any newly created contact records.

When you receive a call, the call is logged as per normal, however every 15 minutes it will look for a match against the Hubspot records and sync the call against it. If a contact is found it logs call data to it, if no contact is found it will create a new contact:


When the new contact is created it will log a call against it.

Setup & Settings

To setup the integration, click the Hubspot (Calls to Contacts) integration from the integration list:

You will be prompted to connect your Hubspot account, the person who authenticates this must be a HubSpot Super Admin as  this will open a new link window which will install a marketplace app that will handle the API authentication.

Once authenticated you will need to enter the PropertySID of your current property and then choose a couple of defaults, one of which being the default Hubspot OwnerID.

If you choose to sync data from a specific IVR Key only, this will only work for a single level IVR hosted by us. If you have a multi-layered IVR you will need the integration customized, if your IVR is not hosted with us this will not work.

Once added you can alter these settings at any time.

The first runs may take a while as they will be downloading all Hubspot contact data, subsequent runs will be much quicker, if you want to sync past call data please contact us.