Our Zoho CRM integration works using the Zoho CRM API for now we only have one integration but may look to add others in the future. The one we have now is the 'New Leads' integration which uses the Zoho API as well as call data to create leads, more information on the exact API call can be found here:




How it works


Every 15 minutes we will grab any newly created calls for the project and upload them to the connected Zoho account. Each call will create a new lead with the lead name being a generic name you will input on setup.

Any available call data including recordings will be added to the lead description:

Setup & Settings

To setup the integration, click the Zoho CRM integration from the integration list:


You will now need to connect your Zoho instance by clicking 'Connect your Zoho CRM'.

You will be prompted to authenticate our third party authentication app, once done you will be able to proceed to the settings page, you made need to be an admin with privileges to install apps/use APIs to successfully connect.

You will then be prompted to enter your PropertySID as well as a generic lead name, we recommend using something easily identifiable e.g. 'New Call Lead'.

If you like you can choose to sync only data from a specific IVR key e.g. (1 for sales), this will only work for a single level IVR hosted by use. If you have a multi-layered IVR you will need the integration customised, if the IVR is not hosted with us, this setting will not work and you should specify 'No IVR'.

Once setup, your call data will now sync every 15 minutes, if you would like to sync historical data please get in touch with us.