We currently offer multiple options for sending and receiving SMS', they are Email-To-SMS, via the Platform and through our Rest API. All solutions will be provisioned across all accounts provided you have a signed and executed SMS agreement. If you are not currently setup for SMS but are interested in the product feel free to get in touch with our sales team who will be happy to assist with setting up a trial account for you.

Email To SMS

Email to SMS is one of the simplest to rollout and use throughout your business, by default your email domain '@DOMAIN.com.au' will be whitelisted for sending SMS' using our platform, all that is needed to send is for an email to be sent to 'NUMBER@smstransmit.com'. For example, to send an SMS to 0400123456, send an email to '0400123456@smstransmit.com', this can be in E.164 format as well e.g. +61400123456@smstransmit.com.

You can send the SMS to multiple mobile phones by simply adding more recipients to the To or CC fields in your email.
Note that there is a limit of 100 recipients per email. To get the best experience sending SMS over email:
  • Delete your email signature before sending. All text that is in your email will be sent over SMS.
  • Because SMS does not support formatting, we will convert your email to plain text. As such,any formatting such as bold, italics and different font sizes will be removed and simply the text will remain.
  • If you wish only certain email addresses to be whitelisted for sending or if you wish to allow access for other domains to send this can be done, please contact the support team with regards to changing your Email-To-SMS configuration.

Receiving Replies

If your Email-To-SMS service is configured for two-way messaging, you can receive replies to your SMS via email, this is enabled by default.

Replies will be sent to the email address that last sent an SMS to the mobile that is replying.  If enabled, replies via email will contain the full conversation history just like a normal email.

When you receive a reply, you can reply to the email just like a normal email to continue the Email-To-SMS conversation.  In all major email clients, our system will remove the conversation history when you reply, so just your response and not the entire conversation history is sent back via SMS.

Did You Know?

If you are having a conversation over Email-To-SMS, you can forward the conversation to somebody else in your organization (who is registered for Email-To-SMS) to continue the conversation.  Replies will be sent back to the last email address to reply to the SMS.

If you have a dedicated number, you can publish your dedicated number and two-way Email-To-SMS conversations can be initiated by sending an SMS to the dedicated number.  The email address these are sent to by default is configured against the dedicated number.

Dedicated Numbers

Dedicated numbers can be purchased against your account.  Dedicated numbers have specific webhook call back URI options which are configured against the dedicated number.  When using a dedicated number to send SMS, all responses must be routed back to the same webhook call back URI.

When using dedicated numbers, if you need multiple webhook call back URIs for your use case, you must purchase multiple dedicated numbers and configure each with a different call back URI.

When using dedicated numbers, you can specify the delivery receipt call back URI when making the API call.  This gives you the capability to set message-specific delivery receipt call back URIs per message.  If the delivery receipt call back URI is not set, the default delivery receipt call back URI will be used that is defined against the dedicated number.  If no delivery receipt call back URI options are set, no call back will be made to your system.

SMS Platform 

The SMS platform is on par with Email-To-SMS in terms of ease of use and also has some handy features  which we will go through as well, in order to access the SMS platform you will need a login to the platform, if you don't have a login or aren't sure if you have one please contact the support team who can check and reset passwords as required.

Once logged in, you will want to click into 'SMS Marketing' and then you will be given the options between 'Sent' and 'Received', these are pretty self explanatory but there is a bit more to the send side that needs to be explained in a little more detail.

Sending SMS via the Platform

In order to send SMS' you will need to click 'New SMS' in the top right, you will then be taken to a new screen and given the two types of SMS send out, via single SMS or via a bulk send out.

You can send out from three options, Leased Number, Alphanumeric, Mobile number.

Leased Number will select a number from our pool of dynamic mobile numbers, this option allows for two-way SMS

Alphanumeric allows a word or specific number to be sent from, if a word is used SMS can only be sent and not received back, if a specific mobile number is used replies will be sent to the appropriate mobile device. Alphanumeric words can only be 11 characters in length and does not allow special characters.

Mobile Number utilizes dedicated mobile number assigned to your account, these number are only assigned upon request.

Single SMS

To send a single SMS all that is required is to put your required destination into the 'To' column and for your relevant message to be put into the 'Message' section as shown below:

Rest API 

For larger enterprise services who wish to interact directly with us the API will be the best tool for you, with complete flexibility the API will allow you to utilize all functionality of our SMS service granting full access to customization options via optional parameters. For more information please see our REST API documentation available at: