Retrieve current details of addresses associated with an account. Addresses can be added or removed using our Add and Remove Addresses requests.

Resource URIs

Retrieve a single address record or a list of addresses belonging to an account.






URI Parameters

AccountSidstringSecure identification of an account.
AddressSidstringSecure identification of a single address to retrieve the details of.

Optional Include Parameters

These parameters are only associated with the request for a list of address records. Results can be filtered with any number of the following parameters.

stringReturn addresses with exact matches of this assigned friendly name.
stringReturn addresses with exact matches of this reference.
stringReturn addresses associated with exact matches of this city.
stringReturn addresses associated with exact matches of this region.
stringReturn addresses associated with this country code.
stringReturn addresses that have this postal code.
Results_CountintegerSpecify the number of results to return. Default number of results is 200.
Results_SkipintegerSpecify a number of records to skip before starting results. This enables custom pagination.


200 – OK

Our service will respond to every address request with JSON formatted data. Requests for multiple addresses will respond with a list of addresses filtered by the optional parameters. Requests for single addresses will be returned as a single JSON object.

Response Parameters
AddressSidstringThe address secure identifier created for the new address.
AccountSidstringThe account secure identifier associated with the address.
FriendlystringThe friendly name associated with the address (if assigned).
ReferencestringA definable reference string associated with the address.
Line1stringAddress line 1.
Line2stringAddress line 2.
CitystringCity name (if applicable).
RegionstringRegion of address.
CountryCodestringCountry code of the address. E.g AU or US
PostalCodestringPostal code of the address. E.g. 2620.
StatusstringStatus of the address. In most cases, addresses will be approved immediately. May be:
Active : Address is active and numbers can be registered against it.
Pending : The address is pending verification. Numbers cannot yet be registered.
Rejected : Address information was deemed incorrect. Re-submission is required.

400 – Error

For error codes and messages, please refer here.