Telephone Hyperlinks

The replaceXXX methods automatically update the phone number in telephone hyperlinks in the following scenarios:

  • If using replaceText, the parent element will be checked for a telephone hyperlink. If found, the telephone hyperlink will be updated with the dynamic number. This method also successfully updates automatically generated telephone hyperlinks on all popular smartphone browsers.
  • If using any other replacement method, the parent element of the matching element will be checked for a telephone hyperlink and updated if required. For example, if replacing the contents of a span tag, the tracking script will look at the elements parent for a hyperlink. For example, the following telephone hyperlink will be updated if using replaceByClassName on the class dynamic-phone: <a href="tel:1300012345"><span class="dynamic-phone">1300012345</span></a>

UTM Tags

The Fone Dynamics tracking server supports the following UTM tags:

  • utm_source
  • utm_medium
  • utm_campaign
  • utm_content
  • utm_keyword

Using these UTM tags will attribute the value of the tags to the Fone Dynamics session. The tracking server will also trim these tags from the displayed URLs in the reporting platform, and change the traffic type to Campaign.

Session Security Limits

The Fone Dynamics tracking server imposes a limit on the number of sessions an individual IP address can have at any one point in time. If this limit is exceeded, existing sessions will be reused. A common side-effect of this occurring is the dynamic number changing on every page view.

This security limit can be reached in common practice by:

  • Testing and development of a website, either in multiple browsers or in-and-out of private/incognito modes.
  • Viewing the website on multiple computers inside the same office in a short amount of time, which can occur in large organisations.

Browser Requirements

The Fone Dynamics tracking script is compatible with all new and old, desktop and mobile browsers. The tracking script contains multiple browser-specific optimisations to maximise its performance against the features of the browser it is running on.

In order for the tracking script to execute, JavaScript must be enabled.

While cookies are used as the primary means of tracking users, cookies are not required for session tracking as Fone Dynamics has fallback support for IP address and browser fingerprint tracking.