Configuring the Fone Dynamics dynamic tracking product requires two primary steps:

  1. The provisioning of the service and telephony with Fone Dynamics.
  2. The setup of the tracking script on the website.

This document is primarily concerned with the setup of the tracking script (Step 2).

Number Groups

Each website can have one or more number groups. A number group is a pool of one or more dynamic numbers which are configured with different telephony.

As an example, a website might list two numbers: a sales number; and a support number. The sales number might call to the sales department directly, while the support number might call to an IVR prompt to direct the call to the appropriate support department. In this case, the website would be configured with two number groups and the tracking script would be instructed to replace the sales and support number on the website with a dynamic number from the sales and support number groups respectively.

In many scenarios there is simply one number group. The name of the default number group is usually 'main.phoneNumber'.

Static Numbers

Static numbers are fixed numbers that do not rotate. These types of numbers are typically used to track offline advertising. It is also common to use static numbers on websites that list many phone numbers for multiple office locations. Static numbers do not need to be configured in the tracking script.