We offer a bulk sending option in the platform for when you have a message that needs to be blasted out to many recipients at once.

To do this, all you need to do it upload a csv of the number data, there are some things to note when doing this:

1. Maximum of 2000 numbers per request, if you need to sent to more, split out your spreadsheets.

2. Numbers must be presented in '614XXXXXXXX', any 04 numbers, blank numbers, or numbers missing digits will cause the upload to fail.

3. Column Header name (Phone Number) must be correct or the upload will fail.

4. The message to every number must be the same.

Attached to this page is the example CSV but this is also available in the platform.

Sending is almost identical to sending a normal SMS, all you need to do is upload your spreadsheet, type your message, select the From Number (if applicable) and hit send.

Tips: Add in your own mobile number at the end of the sheet to know when all recipients should have received a message. (delivery times vary dependent on mobile network, but will show message has been processed through our system).