Once enabled in your credentials, you should be able to see the following section in the menu, which will allow you to configure Email to SMS and SMPP.

Email To SMS

Fill the following fields:

From Address: the email address you would like to use

To Domain: use smstransmit.com as default, unless you have your own domain in which case you need to get in contact with is us so we can register, otherwise it might not work as intended. 

Email verification: generally leave as low unless its for a wholesaler with a changed to domain. 

Number format: Set it to 'Auto', this is how the number format is received, e.g. you sent the email to '0414039107@smstransmit.com' or 61414039107@smstransmit.com, on Auto it will figure out the setting.

Sender ID: this is usually for dedicated SMS numbers or alphanumeric sender IDs (or blank if neither). Where we want the numbers to come from, only set this to either a dedicated number on the customer's site or add in a worded sender ID of the customer's choosing, using a word will make it so replies cannot be received.

Subject Handling: generally only change this if the To Domain is changed, otherwise leave as Ignore 


Conversational: When on, it will display the entire conversation with the recipient on each email you receive.

Use Dedicated Destination Email:

Enabled shared dedicated number: This will make it so that when messages are sent it creates a unique conversation with that customer, when the customer responds the SMS reply is converted to an email which goes back straight to the sender’s email address with only that conversation.


Fill the following fields:

SystemID: give a name to your System

Whitelisted IPs: add the IP address (or addresses) with their subnet.