This article will give you a brief of phone numbers as well as give handy links on how to find, purchase and configure your own numbers.

Phone Numbers Overview

Fone Dynamics specifically operates on the inbound space, meaning callers will come into the Fone Dynamics network and we will then route to your chosen destination however it should be noted that you are not able to dial out.on these numbers.

Types of Numbers

There are a few different types of numbers, listed below are a few of the common varieties and their differences:

1300 NumberThe 1300 Number is your most generic type of inbound number, it is used to give businesses a nationwide image, the 1300 number consists of four constant digits being 1300 following by 6 more digits e.g. 1300 XXX XXX or 1300 556 555. This number is a shared rate number meaning that both the caller and the called party share costs.
1800 NumberThe 1800 Number is similar to the 1300 number in that it consists of a constant '1800', followed by 6 more digits. A 1800 number is known as a Toll Free number, meaning that only the owner of the 1800 number is charged a call rate. e.g. 1800 XXX XXX or 1800 556 555
13 NumberThe 13 number is a shared rate number however it's constant consists only of the numbers '13' followed by only four digits, as these numbers are scarce there is a large fee associated to purchasing and owning one of these numbers and is usually only for large companies or businesses. e.g. 13 XX XX
Geo Number (02, 03, 07, 08)Geo numbers are also known as local numbers or local virtual numbers, these numbers are reminiscent of the old PSTN telephone network and used to be assigned out to a business based solely on their physical location. With the change in technologies these numbers can now be used in any location though this may confuse callers and since these numbers are best used to give your business a local feel most consumers will purchase a number with a prefix that matches their location.
Mobile Number (04)
Mobile numbers are always prefixed with 04 and are used exclusively for cellular devices, terminating to a mobile as well as mobile to mobile calls are generally more expensive than normal calls.
TollFree Number (0800, 0508 & More)
An 0800 number is an international toll free number, similar to the 1800 numbers of Australia these are for domestic use only and reachability from outside the country of origin is unsupported.

These numbers can however sometimes be dialled from overseas if the carrier you are calling from a carrier with a POP (Point of Presence) within the destination country, this is however unsupported and completely up to the originating carrier.,

Call charges are occurred by the company who owns the tollfree and should be free for the caller unless otherwise stipulated on the call.
Phone Words
A Phone Word is simply a word that follows a prefix, these are spelt by the letters of a telephone keypad. For instance the phone word 1300 DYNAMO is actually 1300 392 266. Phone words are used to help in advertisements as these are easier to remember than actual phone numbers.

Phone Number Formats

There are four main parts to telephone numbers, the international exit code, the country code, the prefix/area code and the subscriber number.

  • The subscriber number is the 4, 6, or 8 (depending on the prefix) digits that are at the end of your number (can be up to 12 depending on the country).
  • The prefix/area code is the digits at the start of your number.
  • The country code usually replaces part of the prefix and is dependent on the country, Australia is +61
  • The international exit code is used to dial out of the country and is dependent on the country, Australia is +0011.


(07) 9999 9999 - Here 07 is the prefix for Queensland and the 8 trailing digits are the number itself.

+617 9999 9999 - Here we have the country code as well, usually not necessary if you are dialing another number within the same country.

+61 1800 999 999 - Prefix is usually not required when dialling 1800 numbers but would be required if you were dialling from an international country.

0011 +64 800 999 999 - Here we have the international exit code for Australia (0011) followed by the country we wish to dial which is New Zealand (+64) following by the prefix (0800 number) followed by the subscriber number (999 999).

There are many other types of numbers, as mentioned some can be up to 15 digits in length with some special services numbers such as 000 being only 3 digits in length.

As a side note if you are in the same region, country etc. you generally don't need ot include the prefix, a QLD to QLD call would be able to drop the 07 prefix and merely dial the subscriber number 9999 9999 and would still be able to connect.

Purchase My Own Phone Numbers

To purchase your own phone numbers please jump over to platform section which will assist in finding and purchasing your own phone numbers.