This article will give your a brief overview of the Flow Designer, how to access it, as well as some information on general views and navigation. For more advanced information on creating Flows please click here.

What is the Flow Designer?

The Platform Flow Designer is bringing the back-end to the front-end, using the Flow Designer you are able to create dial-plans for almost any of your numbers and decide the routing rules which you wish to apply to them. The Flow Designer gives you access to create traditional routing rules such as Line Hunts, Overflows and Fail-overs whilst also giving you access to more advanced and powerful routing such as Location Based routing.

Where do I access this?

The Flow Designer is a free access tool available in the Platform, to access, login as per normal and it will be available on the left hand side as shown below, if you have issues viewing or accessing this, please contact the support team.

Creating and Listing Flows

It should be noted that flows will only display for the current project, if you have multiple projects then a flow will need to be created per project. If you have a large amount of flows to be created across multiple projects please contact the support team who will be able to assist with the creation.

To create a flow click 'NEW FLOW' in the top right hand corner of the screen, input a name and click 'create', this will take you into flow.

If you wish to change your flow name this can be done via the 3 dots on the main Flow Designer screen.

General View

When entering the flow you will be given a menu on the left hand-side as well as some icons in the middle of the page, those on the right hand-side are your 'Actions', frequently referred to as 'Nodes' and in the center you have the current flow, this will start empty on new flows with the exception of 'Incoming Call' which is the start of your flow.

To navigate you can click and drag an empty space to move around the screen as shown below.

To zoom in or out use the buttons in the bottom right hand corner of the screen.

Flows will always start top to bottom, but there is exceptions such as the Go To node which can direct your flow elsewhere, there is also nodes such as the Menu, Time & Day as well as Date Nodes which can give you conditional branches which will either wait for a condition to be met or require user input to continue, more on those later.

Assigning Flows

There are two ways to assign a flow, the first is by editing a number, the section is via the tick-box selection. The tick-boxes will allow you to select a large amount of numbers to apply your flow to whilst editing the numbers is a one by one process.

Bulk Edit

Singular Edit

For now, click here get more information about creating flows.