We offer voicemail in the form of voice to email.  The voicemail will be attached to an email sent to a customer specified email address.

Capabilities of the Voicemail Node

Introduction Media

The "Default Introduction Audio" is a generic voicemail introduction: 

"I'm sorry but we're unable to take your call, please leave your name, number and a short message and we will get back to you as soon as possible"

"Custom Introduction Media" is where you are able to upload  personalised voicemail messages (mp3) 


The Voicemail can be sent to a single or multiple recipients. 


The Voicemail can have a specific subject line

Voicemail Timeout

This is the length of time in seconds that the caller has to record their message.

Points to Note:

The Voicemail will start recording after the introduction media ends.

When utilising Custom Introduction Media a beep must be appended to the end of the message.

If the caller stops speaking for an extended period the call will end.

The voicemail email attachment will be in MP3 format.