The Location Zone Node allows calls to route to different answer-points depending on the exchange, Moli (Mobile) or LICA mapping (NZ Calls).

Calls that route correctly go via the "Match" route however the number or flow is configured in the CSV file you will upload to the node, a failover node can be added into the Match column to act as a back-up for any answerpoint that may fail on a termination attempt. 

For calls that do not match any specified Exchange, LICA or Moli they will route down the 'No Match' branch, it is highly recommended to complete this branch as it's extremely likely we will not get passed an SZU, LICA or MOLI for every single call. MOLI routing for example could be blocked by anonymous dialing (dependant on the carrier) and hence it's advised to keep a default route.

The routing files must be in csv format, example files can be found at the bottom of this page.

The CSV templates are attached to this knowledge article as well as some additional files which may help with routing.

CSV Templates

These templates come with all LICA/SZU/MOLIs pre-configured, you can remove any number of them and only input what you need (do not leave blank rows), any non-matching zones will go to the 'No Match' branch.

Platform - NZ Routing Template - Example.csv - This is for single answerpoint configurations only (NZ LICA Mappings).

Platform - NZ Routing Template (Flows) - Example.csv - This is for flow configurations only (NZ LICA Mappings). 

Platform - Zone Routing Template.csv - This is for single answerpoint configurations only (SZU and MOLI Mappings).

Platform - Zone Routing Template (Flows).csv - This is for single answerpoint configurations only (SZU and MOLI Mappngs).

Help Links and Files

szu_mappings_with_states.csv - This is a list of all SZUs and the relevant states they may reside in.

List of all MOLI Codes_Relevant Locations.xls - This is a list of all MOLI mappings in Australia and their relevant locations.

lica_mappings.csv - This is a list of all LICA mappings for NZ.

geo_entries - long.xlsx - This is a list of all local prefixes in Aus and the relevant SZU they reside in. - Further information for MOLI routing can be found on the Comms Alliance website including a downloadable mapping file which shows SZUs and towers on a map when paired with relevant mapping software. - This site shows all of the Local Calling Areas for Vodafone, may not be 100% accurate for other carriers.


First items to check are:

  • That the the column headers have not been altered from the original CSV templates.
  • The answerpoints are in E.164 format for single answerpoints OR if using a flow file that your flow names exactly match existing flows. It is recommended to pull a flow export and vlookup all flow names in the file if you are experiencing an issue.
  • Check Moli codes have the leading zeroes before saving the file, CSVs remove these by default so you will need to alter the format to enter '001' for example, then save. If re-opened and re-saved this may clear the zeroes.

If still experiencing an issue please send through a support ticket along with the files and flow names and we will assist.