Our Facebook Ads integration works using the Facebook Ads API, this allows you to convert your calls generated by Facebook Clicks and upload them to Facebook, more information on the specific API call can be found at the links below:




How it works

Every 15 minutes we will get any newly created calls for the project and search for a tag in the landing URL, we will be search for the tag:


If this tag exists in the landing URL we know that the call was generated via a Facebook referral and we will then use the corresponding data after this tag to send a conversion to Facebook.

If this flag is not found the call is subsequently ignored.

Setup & Settings

To setup the integration, click the Facebook Ads integration from the integration list:

Click on 'Use Integration':

You will then be prompted to connect your Facebook Ads account:

You then need to enter your Facebook Ads Account ID, note that a custom authentication app is not currently supported and hence only enter your Account ID:

Once completed you will then need to click 'Link Connection' and sign-in to Facebook and grant access to the third party authentication app:

Once completed and linked you will then be shown the settings options:

You will then be prompted to enter your PropertySID as well as an input conversion value, event name, upload tag and a currency code to be used for all events.

Once setup, your call data will now sync every 15 minutes, if you would like to sync historical data please get in touch with us.