For most integrations it's required that you are either an admin in the system you are integrating to or have a copy of the relevant API credentials so if you don't have those you can invite the relevant contact to grant access.

This will be especially prevalent if you are a wholesale customer or you are a direct client who needs to have the relevant contact within your organisation connect an integration you can invite them to do so from the platform.

To complete this, login to the FoneDynamics Platform and navigate to the Integrations section, you can click 'Setup a new Connection' if you have not added any integrations yet or you can click on 'add new integration' which will show you the setup a connection button.

This will show you a view where you can connect or disconnect existing data sources.

On the right hand side under 'Explore' there is the option to Add or Invite for connections, we will want to invite, in this case we will invite a user to connect Google Analytics.

If this email is going external to your organization it is recommended to send this email to yourself first and to copy the link into a new email as this email will come from our 3rd party authenticator, you can customise the content of the email if you would like or you can remove except for the authorisation link.

If needed you can copy the link and paste it into a new email or send it via another method.

Opening the link will then allow you to authorise the integration: