The platform CLI Divert Node allows you to configure your routing for particular callers, making the flow to behave in a particular way just for them.

For example, blocking that number from reaching the answer point.

Once you put the node in place, you can either 'Create' or 'Download Template'

If you choose 'Create', you can add multiple numbers and then click apply.

If you decide to download the template, you can add the numbers in the CSV file and drop the file in the box.

The result is the same, is up to you which method to use.

Once, in place, the Flow will look like this:

If a number that is written down in the list calls, the flow will follow the 'Match' path, if the number calling is not in the list, it will follow the 'No Match' path.

In this example, is +61299999999 or +61399999999 were to call the inbound number, they will get a hang up.

Any other number calling the inbound number will get connected to the AP in the Call node.